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Second opinion

Peace of mind with a second medical opinion

 Cancers, heart failure, rare diseases… You are wondering if the treatment recommended by your doctor is really necessary and sensible?

It is natural to want a second medical opinion in case of intense treatments that may generate significant side effects.  A second medical opinion helps clarify your decision, it enables you to approve or reject the proposed therapeutic orientation proposed by your first doctor and if required, it will direct you towards a treatment better adapted to your situation.

SUDLIFE offers a choice of globally renowned experts who will provide you with an overall evaluation of your diagnostic and tell you your options of treatments.

Medical domains often required:

Gastroenterology (Gastrointestinal tract diseases)

General and visceral surgery (General and abdominal surgery)

Gynecology (Female reproductive organ and breast diseases)

Cardiac / vascular diseases (heart and blood vessels diseases)

Hematology and oncology (Cancers, leukemia or tumors)

Nephrology and internal medicine (Kidney diseases, diabetes)

Neurology (Nervous system diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy…)

Neurosurgery (Surgical procedures on the brain and on the spinal cord)

Urology (Male and female urinary system diseases and male reproductive organs)



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