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Health check-up

Your complete Health Check-up in Paris

The greatest virtue of a health check-up is that it is preventive in nature and consists of taking control of one’s health capital, while being aware of one’s risk factors in order to better manage them, or even rectify them.

In today’s society, we face changing risk factors that vary based on the person’s age, life rhythm and habits and the person’s environment… More often than not, we neglect our health, due to lack of physical activity, by gaining weight, by smoking or by consuming too much alcohol, etc.

This is why SUDLIFE has associated itself to renowned clinics in order to offer its client base “a special international patient check-up”.

The proposed health check-up will enable you to take stock on your health capital on an annual basis and to take the appropriate preventive measures.  It will help you, after a series of consultations and tests by using the latest techniques and performing diagnostic tools, detect anomalies at a very early stage, before they can clinically manifest themselves in order to make sure that you can treat them early in a more efficient manner.

Depending on your age, your sex and your prior medical history, the health check-up will consist of different tests and consultations. In four hours, you will be able to take stock of your health capital, with the help of specialists.

This health check-up includes:

– Biological examination

– Cardiology check-up

– Imaging check-up

– Gynecology check-up for women

– Special consultations (Ophthalmology, ENT…)

– Internal medicine consultation and detailed summary at the end of the check-up


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