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General conditions of sales

Last revision date: 15 November 2017

1 – Object

SUDLIFE, a limited liability company registered at the PARIS Trade and Companies Register under number 792045536 R.C.S. Paris, whose head office is located at 28 Cour Albert 1er, 75008 Paris-France.

The customers of SUDLIFE are foreign individuals, who do not reside in France, and who would like to come to France to obtain quality medical care, treatments and benefit from specialised techniques.  In certain cases, the customers of SUDLIFE may consist of legal entities (for example, enterprises that organise medical evacuations for their employees in France or even insurance companies). The insurance companies make sure that the beneficiaries of SUDLIFE services have received and have understood these general conditions of sales.

The customers, whether individuals or legal entities, or the beneficiaries of a medical evacuation, are hereafter individually referred to as the “Customer”.

The general conditions of sales (CGV) describe in details the rights and obligations of SUDLIFE and of its Customers with regard to the sale of services listed in (Site). They are applicable to all the services and provisions offered by SUDLIFE.

SUDLIFE reserves the right to modify them at any time. A new version of the CGV will therefore be accessible in the Site.

By signing this document (or possibly by electronic signing it), the Customer hereby confirms that he has understood the general conditions of sales (CGV) and has accepted them without any restriction or reserve. In case the Customer would like to benefit from the services of SUDLIFE on behalf of a beneficiary, he must make sure that the beneficiary has understood and accepted these conditions.

Along with the formally approved quotes, the CGV constitutes the contract that the Customer must expressly accept as having the power, the authority and the necessary capacity to conclude the agreement with regard to its obligations.

Additionally, the Customer confirms that he has received advices, and the necessary information to ensure that the services and provisions offered by SUDLIFE are adapted to his situation and his personal needs or to the needs of the beneficiaries.

2 – Presentation of services

The main activity of SUDLIFE is to organise medical stays for foreign patients who are not residents of France. In a specific case of a medical evacuation to a country other than France, the word “France”, in this document, is replaced by the destination country.

This activity covers two missions whose extent depend on the needs and desires of each Customer.

  • The Customer entrusts SUDLIFE with the planning and management of his medical stay in France. This particularly includes the founding of a relationship between the Customer and the health establishments (University-affiliated hospital (CHU), clinics or establishments such as, for instance, functional rehabilitation centres) and doctors, surgeons and health professionals. The Customer authorises SUDLIFE to send his medical file to one/(many) health establishment(s), to particularly obtain a quote for his health care plan, and to schedule or, reschedule if required, meetings on his behalf with health professionals. SUDLIFE does not provide medical notices or advices.
  • SUDLIFE also provides the possibility of supporting its Customers in all logistics and administrative related aspects of their stay: support in obtaining the visa, aerial medical transport, airport transfers, services of an interpret, support in hospital admission, out of hospital lodging for the Customer and/or his companion, services of a caterer for specific diet plans, delivery of medicines at home…

3 – Waiving the benefits of the French social security system

It is expressly understood between SUDLIFE and its Customer that the Customer cannot benefit from any French social security coverage (including the universal health care coverage and State medical aid) to cover the charges pertaining to any care provided in compliance with this agreement. The Customer formally waives these rights.

4 – Medical file of the patient

The Customer has an obligation to submit a recent and complete medical file (the passport photocopy of the patient, the x-rays and other recent medical images, the results of recent tests carried out, the medical report from a medical specialist) that is actually corresponding to his current medication status while requesting for a quote.

The tests listed in the medical file cannot be older than 6 (six) months. If upon the arrival of the Customer, the medical file sent to establish the quote does not correspond to the actual medical state of the customer, the hospital may refuse hospitalisation due to the following reasons: “unusable file” or “actual state of the patient requiring very complex care”.

5 – Sending the medical file to the partner health establishments

The Customer authorises the company SUDLIFE to send his medical file to the health establishments and/or to the health professionals with whom it is affiliated, with an objective to obtain a notification and a medical quote.

In specific cases of having to send health reports or requiring a consultation, the Customer authorises SUDLIFE to send the responses to the health questionnaire provided to him along with any useful information that may have been obtained during the medical process planned on request by the Customer to the consulted health establishment or professional.

6 – Fees and commissions – Payment – Cancellation

Months can pass between the first contact and the medical stay in France, sometimes even a year. The reasons for this are sometimes material in nature, but this also reflects the complex character of our business. A medical stay cannot be compared or organised to a touristic stay. It requires various exchanges with our Customer to understand and best integrate their material constraints and personal desires, but also to explain the operating of the French health system or to accurately provide all the information (non medical in nature) that we have that may help them make a well informed decision in peace.   We are the link between the Customer and health professionals who will intervene during his stay and we also make it easier for the health professionals to understand the expectations of our Customer so that he can benefit from the most adapted and satisfactory health plan.

We spend a lot of time assembling the best adapted medical and logistics solution to meet the medical and personal needs of the Customer. The Customer chooses the proposed solution by approving the quote offered by SUDLIFE.

The SUDLIFE services are remunerated either directly or indirectly. SUDLIFE bills the Customer for the fees and administrative charges. In certain cases, SUDLIFE can also receive commissions from the providers selected by the Customer.

The prices become final once the Customer signs and accepts a quote while taking into account his own constraints and desires.  The prices are indicated in Euros and include all taxes.

Depending on the cases, and as is explicitly indicated in the quote, SUDLIFE bills for the complete solution selected by the Customer and then takes care of remunerating the different parties involved, or SUDLIFE bills the Customer only for its fees and administrative charges and then the Customer can directly pay the providers who are clearly identified in the quote(s).  In the latter case, if the Customer only pays for the services organised by SUDLIFE to the medical providers, but does not pay for the SUDLIFE services on time, this would mean that the Client’s health plan would be cancelled, and will grant SUDLIFE the right to collect penalties payable by the Customer as described below. SUDLIFE is authorised to recover the outstanding amounts and penalties directly on the amount already paid to an external provider.

The payments can be made by bank transfer, cheque or cash.

If the Customer cancels any of these contracts less than 10 working days before the date set for an hospital admission, he will have to pay penalties equal to 10% of the total amount of the quote(s) payable to SUDLIFE and the hospital.

If the order is cancelled by the Customer, the SUDLIFE fees and administrative charges (as indicated in the validated quote) will remain fully payable to SUDLIFE.

The Customer confirms that he has been informed that if his stay is cancelled due to an inaccuracy or omission in the essential information about his medical state, this present article will be applicable.

Any breach of payment may lead to the allocation of damages and interests payable to SUDLIFE. All the charges that SUDLIFE will have to bear to recover the debts will be borne by the customer.

7 – Liability

SUDLIFE is not a health establishment and is not intended to practice medicine or any medical or paramedical service.  All the services offered and/or provisions given by the health establishments and professionals that the Customer selects will invoke their liability and that of their practitioners.

The Customer is solely liable for the choice of the practitioner or of the health establishment. SUDLIFE cannot be held liable for this choice. SUDLIFE is not responsible for the actions, errors, omissions, promises, guarantees, negligence or violation of obligations by the health establishments, the practitioners or any other person associated to the health establishments or service suppliers, SUDLIFE is also not responsible for any personal injury, death, material damages or any other damages or charges resulting from the actions or omissions of the health establishments and professionals. The Customer understands that all medical, surgical or other actions may carry risks. The Customer acknowledges that SUDLIFE has recommended and informed him about the need to seek the advice of an independent qualified practitioner concerning his medical stay.  SUDLIFE has not given him any advice or council that is medical in nature (particularly with regard to, but not limited to, the risks and side effects that may be produced as a result of the health plan).

SUDLIFE only fulfils an obligation of a means.

SUDLIFE’s liability cannot be called into question with regard to the non-execution or delay in executing one of its obligations in case the non-execution or delay is a result of a fortuitous event or a force majeure, particularly, for instance, due to acts of public authorities, hostilities, wars, natural catastrophes, fires, inundations, blockage of telecommunication… (this list is not exhaustive).

8 – Customer relations – After-sales service

For any information, questions or claims, the customer may contact the Customer Support Department of the company from Monday to Friday, from 9:00am to 7:00pm: by Tel: + or by E-mail:

Due to its numerous requests, the company SUDLIFE would like to inform its customers that it will not receive any customer without prior appointment taken by phone or by electronic mail which has been confirmed.

9-Intellectual right and property

The brands, domain names, software, images, videos, texts in the Internet site and on various brochures and documents of SUDLIFE are protected by an exclusive right of property. The intellectual property is not transferred via this CGV.

10 – Law applicable in the event of disputes

These general conditions of sales are subject to French law. The competent court in the event of a litigation with regard to the interpretation or execution of this contract will be the court of the SUDLIFE S.A.R.L head office.