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What is the role of SUDLIFE?

SUDLIFE is a medical concierge company. It has agreements signed with public hospitals and private clinics in different cities of France.
SUDLIFE is not a hospital or an association and the services offered are therefore paying

What services does SUDLIFE offer?

 Medical services: SUDLIFE ensures above all the planning and management of the medical stay in France for its clients. This includes checkups, medical appointments, second opinion, hospitalization.
 Logistics services: SUDLIFE offers to accompany its customers in the logistical and administrative aspects of their stay (airport reception, accommodation booking, VISA assistance, interpreting service, transfer by private car, delivery of meals, care at home, children’s activities, medical evacuation)

What are the schedules of SUDLIFE?

The company is open from Monday to Friday from 9h to 19h. Due to numerous requests, the SUDLIFE company informs its friendly customers that it will not receive any client without an appointment taken beforehand by phone or email and confirmed by one of its coordinators.

When is my file sent to the hospital?

Your file is transmitted to the hospital as soon as your file is validated by our coordinating doctor.

How can I meet SUDLIFE representatives abroad?

For your safety, we ask you to pay attention to the informational and financial exchanges that you make. Unauthorized agents act on behalf of SUDLIFE to collect sums of money, and personal information from customers. For a list of our doctors, agents, and representative office in your country, please contact us directly.

Why choose France for medical care?

• France is recognized worldwide for its excellence in the medical field,
• Technical platforms of its high quality hospitals.
• France has one of the most demanding quality and safety certification systems in the world.
• The treatment of heavy or complex pathologies: cancers, medically assisted procreation, cardiovascular diseases are part of French excellence in health.

Can I take advantage of a medical stay for tourism in France?

Yes. It is possible to go sightseeing in France during a medical stay. Be careful however, we would like to point out that these are not “tourist holidays”, contrary to what some organizations propose. After your intervention, you need an environment combining calm and comfort in order to recover your capacities as quickly as possible and in the best conditions. It is strongly advised to respect the recommendations of your surgeon.

How to get to France?

SUDLIFE can take care of booking your transport to France. You must first have a valid passport. After validation and payment of the estimate of the hospital you can apply for a medical visa at the French consulate in your country.

Can SUDLIFE help me get my visa?

Yes, we support our clients’ files when applying for a visa from the French Consulate. SUDLIFE assists you in the constitution of your file by bringing the invoice of the hospital proof of your payment, as well as the proof of your admission to the hospital.

What are the deadlines for obtaining VISA?

It is important to receive a response to the visa application within 2 to 10 days. In the event of a confirmed medical emergency, the French Consulate may set up an accelerated procedure.

What is the duration of a medical stay?

The duration of a medical stay depends on the surgical procedure. Plan a minimum stay of two weeks.

What is the cost of a medical stay in France?

The overall cost of your stay depends on the operating procedure and the hospital. You can obtain a quote by submitting your medical file to SUDLIFE.

Is the quote request payable?

You should know that the team of SUDLIFE gives time to the treatment of your medical file because each patient is unique. It is for this reason that we make a point of honor to obtain a personalized quote adapted to the real state of the patient. SUDLIFE therefore applies a study fee that must be paid before sending the medical file to the hospital that is carrying out the estimate. However there is no commitment, after receiving the quote, the patient is free to validate it or not. Here are the fees depending on your situation:
 Management fees for treatment (hospitalization): 300 €
Management fee for a medical consultation : 150 €

The management fees are not refundable, given the time spent by our team on the treatment of your file.

What is the waiting time to get a quote?

The average time to obtain the medical quote upon receipt of the complete medical file is one week for a file that does not require special expertise.
However some situations are more complex (Cancer), the time can vary and the quote can take longer if it requires for example a Multidisciplinary Consultation Meeting.

Does the amount mentioned on my quote correspond to an estimate or is it a definitive amount?

Our partners (hospitals, clinics) prepare quotes based on the submitted file. Generally, the final bill is the estimated amount if no complications arise in the patient’s care. It is important to note that, if a change occurs of any nature (change of the patient’s condition, change of service, change of rate etc.) The amount can be modified upwards or downwards. In case of increase, a new advance will be requested. In case of decline, a refund will be made

When will my provision be returned to me?

Your provision will be returned within 2 weeks if the intervention was planned in a private clinic, and 6 weeks if the intervention was planned in a public hospital.

To whom should i pay my medical expenses?

The agreements signed between SUDLIFE and its partner hospitals make it possible to defend your interests as best as possible and to reassure hospitals as to the possible problems of unpaid invoices. The quote must be paid before your arrival in France. There are two cases of configurations, namely:
– You pay directly to the hospital where you will be admitted, if you only need medical care.
– You pay everything to SUDLIFE if in addition to medical care you have requested that SUDLIFE manage your complete stay (accommodation, transport, and other services on demand)

What are the means of payment?

You can pay us by credit card or bank transfer. If you have a bank account in France, you can also pay by check.

Are SUDLIFE’s services paying?

SUDLIFE is remunerated on the back of the overall quote. This commission is included in the overall quote sent to the customer.

Am I reimbursed if my request is canceled?

In case of cancellation by the customer more than 10 working days before the date of the hospitalisation, the amount paid  will be refunded in full to the customer.

In the case of cancellation by the client less than 10 working days before the expected date of the hospitalisation, it will be retained 10% of the quote’s amount paid. In some cases, this rule will not be applied.

What happens in case of complications?

If, for medical reasons, you need to extend your stay, or if there was a complication requiring a new surgery, SUDLIFE will inform you of the new fee estimate for validation.

What can I do in the event of a medical error during my operation?

The medical care you receive during your trip is entirely and solely the responsibility of the hospital which is subject to an insurance policy with an authorized company. Any post-surgical litigation must be established with the treating hospital and its insurance company.

Who should I contact in case of emergency?

The “International Patient” service is open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (French time) by dialing +

What are SUDLIFE’s Hospital partners?

The main partner hospitals of SUDLIFE are:
– Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Strasbourg,
– Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Montpellier,
– Centre Régional Universitaire d’Orléans,
– L’Institut Mutualiste Montsouris,
– La Clinique Internationale du Parc Monceau,
– Le Groupe Hospitalier Paris Saint-Joseph,
– Pôle Santé Saint-Jean,
– Hôpitaux pédiatriques de Nice CHU Lenval,
– Centre Antoine Lacassagne,
– Institut Arnault Tzanck,
– Hôpital Privé Arnault Tzanck,
– Hôpital Privé Gériatrique Les Sources,
– Polyclinique Santa Maria,
– Clinique du Trocadéro,
– Clinique Bercy,
– Clinique du Louvre,
– Clinique Bizet,
– Clinique Saint Geneviève,
– Clinique Turin,
– Infirmerie Protestante,
– Centre Léon Bérard,
– Cliniques Ambroise Pare, Pierre Cherest, Hartman
– Institut de Radiotherapie et radiochirurgie Hartmann
– Institut de cancerologie Paris Nord
– Clinique Saint Augustin
– Hôpital Privé Saint Martin
– Polyclinique Jean Villar
– Clinique Bouchard
– Clinique Bretéché
– Pôle Santé Atlantique
– Clinique d’Occitanie
– Clinique Ambroise Paré
– Centre hospitalier Universitaire de Toulouse
– Clinique de l’Orangerie
– Clinique Ville Verte
This list evolves regularly.

What languages are spoken in different hospitals?

Staff in contact with patients, as well as physicians, are bilingual French / English. If you need the support of an interpreter in another language SUDLIFE can organize it for you.

Can I come with somebody?

During your hospital stay, you can come accompanied by a doctor, a family member or a family member.
SUDLIFE is in charge of the reception of your companions, a service on demand which we will include directly in your estimate.

What is the procedure for possible accompanying persons?

In addition to the proof required for a Schengen short-stay visa, special proof may be requested, including:
– A proof of the family relationship with the patient, or, in the absence of family ties, a letter from the applicant or the patient justifying the accompaniment
– A proof of support by the organization supporting the patient’s medical expenses.

Is it possible to extend the visa?

An exceptional extension of the visa is possible in case of unforeseeable prolongation of medical stay. A health certificate issued by the health facility or the attending physician must be provided. The administrative procedures will then have to be made to the competent prefecture.

Does my insurance cover my care abroad?

We advise you to contact your insurance company to find out if the contracted form covers the cost of an intervention or treatment abroad.

When should I pay for my medical expenses?

Once the quote is accepted, we advise you to proceed to the settlement as soon as possible so that our teams can begin to organize your medical stay.
The entire quote must be paid before organizing your admission to the Hospital.

When should I arrive in France for my medical procedure?

Our coordinating doctor always draws up a schedule of your medical appointments according to your availability and that of the medical team. You only confirm these dates if you are sure of being able to be in France on the agreed date.

Where should I go when I arrive at the hospital?

You previously received a notice with the date and time of admission to the hospital. You must go to the International Patient Service, or to the hospital admission service.

Who has access to my medical file?

By signing the SUDLIFE General Terms and Conditions of Sale, you give us your agreement to access your medical file as well as to transmit it to our partner and non-partner hospitals.

Will I be followed after my return?

During your post-operative consultation, your surgeon will give you a treatment protocol and a report of the operations you have undergone in France. He will also stay in touch with your doctor to follow your recovery.

During my hospitalization can my food requirements be respected?

SUDLIFE makes a point of honor to meet the requirements of its customers. Thus, SUDLIFE can ensure the delivery of meals corresponding to your dietary requirements (allergies, diabetic, without salt, without pork, without fish etc.) This service is reserved for patients who do not have a particular diet and after the agreement of their doctor.

Can I ask SUDLIFE to refer my medical file to a specific institution?

SUDLIFE has agreements signed with hospitals in different cities of France that allows us to obtain exclusive benefits.
If we send your medical file to an establishment of which SUDLIFE is not a partner, our intermediation commission will be your responsibility.

Am I taken care of when I arrive in Paris?

Yes, regardless of the airport of your arrival in France, SUDLIFE manages all your logistics (transport, accommodation) at your request.

After my hospitalization, can I ask to be accompanied?

Yes, you can ask to be accompanied after your hospitalization. The SUDLIFE team is at your disposal to organize your support for the discharge of the hospital until the return to your country.