Professor Xavier Cathelineau, the urology department head at Institut Mutualiste Montsouris and his team are without doubt one of the best medical teams specializing in minimally invasive surgeries in the world, particularly in treating urologic tumors and voiding disorders.

Minimally invasive surgery is increasingly being used, it relies on new medical imaging techniques to cause the least damage possible to the patient during an operation.  Instead of performing large incisions as in conventional surgeries, the surgeon inserts an endoscope into the patient’s body, either through a natural orifice or through a mini incision.  This enables the surgeon to accurately view the zone that should be operated on and to perform the operation by using miniature surgical instruments passed through the endoscope. There are many benefits of minimally invasive surgeries over conventional surgeries: low risk of hemorrhage during the operation, no big scars that could catch an infection, minimal post-operation pain, short-term hospitalization…

The department of Professor CATHELINEAU provides comprehensive care for urological cancers: Scanning, diagnostic, treatments, surveillance. It therefore relies on the medical and surgical synergy of the team and on a complete offer for all available urological oncology treatments.

The department also possesses the greatest global experience in robotic surgery and laparoscopic treatment of urological cancer. A pioneer, the department has developed the technique of radical prostatectomy by conventional laparoscopy and assisted Robotics since 1998 (more than 6000 patients operated on).

The department also specializes in robotic and laparoscopic surgery of tumors and kidney and bladder cancers (endoscopic resection and laparoscopic cystectomy).

The team in Montsouris was the 2nd in the world, to have used, in 1995, focused ultrasound treatment (Ablatherm) on prostate cancers. At present, it disposes of the latest technology, with its new version: the “Focal One”

The department boasts of one of the world’s biggest experience in hormonal treatment for advanced prostate cancer.

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