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How does it work

Step 1: Your request for information

Send us your query from the website by requesting a quote or contact us at + 33 1 84 17 49 70.

Step 2: We create your medical file together

Describe your disease, your pain… Add your doctor’s diagnostic to your file, your x-rays, the results of your tests and express your medical expectations.

Step 3: Dispatching your offer for treatment

We provide you an offer for complete care and a customized supporting offer based on the surgeon’s diagnostics. 

Step 4: Approving our offer

As soon as we receive all the contractual documents for the treatment with your signature, we determine the dates and conditions of your stay.

Step 5: Planning your hospitalization in France

We set-up your consultation meeting with your surgeon together.

As soon as you arrive in France, we receive you at the airport and accompany you to your lodging. 

.Step 6: Your hospitalization

We accompany and manage your hospital admission.

During your hospitalization, we will be here to offer you our best service.

Step 7: Your recovery and follow-up treatment 

After your hospitalization, we accompany you to your rehabilitation place.

Step 8: Your medical follow-up

As soon as you recover, we make sure that your return to your country of residence is smooth.  We will offer you the possibility of remote monitoring.