benefit from French medical excellence!

You are an « international patient »?
You must undergo a medical intervention and you would like to obtain a medical quote in France for this procedure?
You don’t find a medical expert for your pathology in your country?
Long Waits for Doctors’ Appointments?
Are the health care costs applied by hospitals in your country too high?

Come and benefit from the medical excellence of French Hospitals, an advanced medicine at affordable rates.

Thanks to a world-renowned healthcare system, a high-quality care, great health establishments and an advanced technology, France welcomes thousands of patients every year from all around the world.

To meet the expectations of very exigent patients, France must be the land of medical innovation.  Indeed, the excellence and competence of French doctors, the developments made in terms of medical researches are recognized across the world by professionals.

France assure to her patients short waiting times of less than 4 months for 93% of scheduled medical operations, which ranks France in the 3rd place of the Commonwealth Fund ranking 2014.

Moreover, France provides a very competitive healthcare rates, compared to countries offering a similar quality of care.  20% cheaper than Switzerland and 4 times cheaper than USA.

France remains at the forefront in complicated and innovative medical domains such as the artificial heart, cardiac cell therapies, fetal surgery, resuscitation of premature infants, medical genetics and gene therapy, microsurgery, Organs…

SudLife’s objective is to provide to our international patients, regardless where they came from or the severity of their illness, access to excellent medical care while making sure that their entire stay is good in France.

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