Medical treatment


You need a surgery and you want to obtain a medical quote in France?
You don’t find a medical expert for your pathology in your country?
Long Waits for Doctors’ Appointments?
Are the health care costs applied by hospitals in your country are too high?

Describe your pathology, send us your complete medical file via a confidential file exchange (the medical report retracing the history of the disease, the x-rays results, the results of your recent exams and your medical expectations). Our medical coordinator will be in charge of directing your file to specialists in your pathology and a health care cost with an offer of care assistance will be transmitted to you within 5 days.

Our offer includes

Care offer : your medical quote includes the opinion of an expert, the type of the surgery, the cost and the length of your cares.

Logistics offer : includes our assistance to obtain the visa, your stay out of the hospital, handle your accompanying person and a personal assistance according to your expectations of the stay.

We have always a solution for your personal expectations and we guarantee the transmission of a medical quote in less than 5 days.