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Health Check Up in Paris

Your health check-up in Paris

Even if you are feeling in good health and there is no risk of catching any disease, a health checkup is always required valuable to stay better informed about the risks and you can better manage your health.
SudLife has partnerships with several medical establishments to offer to its international customers a Check-up Offer in Paris.

By availing of the “Check-up Offer”, you will benefit from a personal welcome, experienced professional services and the access to the latest equipments. You will get an exceptional VIP treatment.

The offer includes

  • Specialized consultationsin internal medicine, ophthalmology, dental treatments, ORL and gynaecology
  • Laboratory tests (blood analysis, urine analysis, Hemoccult test
  • Biological tests:complete blood report, urine analysis, stool parasitology
  • General clinic test: medical history, general health, vaccines, lifestyles
  • Cardiac test: Doppler echocardiography
  • Other examinations: abdominal and pelvic ultrasound, thyroid ultrasound, chest x-ray
  • Additional tests: functional chest examination, hearing acuity, glaucoma tests, visiotest, breast ultrasound


Before you are coming :

A coordinator doctor examines your medical file to identify your familial antecedents and chirurgical.

The day of your check-up:

You are welcomed in a private salon. After your general clinic test including some meticulous questions, you are invited to follow some cares and tests with different specialist and an echographer radiographic that will examines your organism.

A nurse will do some blood sample so that a biologic check-up be carried out.

After the check-up

A detailed report will be handed over and will be the subject of a personalized consultation during when the doctor will answer to your questions.

Medical solutions: Now it exists some liable treatments even for serious infections. SUDLIFE will be by your side to direct you toward the best hospitals.


Half a day