Teams specialized in the service of children

A certain number of foreign parents decide to treat their child in France in order to benefit from very specialized treatments accessible in different pediatrics medical and surgical fields in the country.

The establishments that specifically treat children are affiliated to a team of pediatricians – the best that can treat all aspects of the child’s development – and another team for pediatric surgeries. The fact that a pediatric life support facility is available within the establishment is an additional guarantee.

In Paris, the diseases that affect children and young adults are treated at the AP-HP, mainly in the four main pediatric medical-surgical centers.  Each center has a pediatric subspecialty unit, a maternity ward and research units providing general and multidisciplinary treatments.  By providing treatments such as fetal surgery, resuscitation of very preterm babies, medical genetics and gene therapy, the treatment of rare diseases, microsurgery, organ transplantation and the treatment of malignant blood diseases, its range of services is vast and recognized across the world for its excellence.

The centers of excellence:

  • The Hospital Necker Enfants Malades,
  • The Hospital Armand Trousseau,
  • The Hospital Robert Debré,
  • The Hospital Bicêtre,