A treatment adapted to each patient

In France, cancer treatments are structured owing to the authorization system: health establishments must obtain specific authorization from their regional public health authorities to treat cancer patients.  This organization aims at guaranteeing of providing quality treatment all over the country.

Moreover, France has the unique feature of having Cancer Centers (CLCC) across the country in addition to its network of hospitals. These centers, which are exclusively dedicated to the fight against cancer, provide treatment plans, research and information, with a constant determination to increase the quality and accessibility of care.

In France, customized high quality treatments are given to cancer patients (surgery, radiation therapy, pain management) from the diagnosis stage up to the “after cancer” stage.  In addition to monitoring via multidisciplinary consultation meetings, certain centers offer innovative therapies by participating in clinical trials.

The Hospital AP-Hôpitaux de Paris has five radiotherapy centers, and it is a unique platform in terms of molecular biology, evaluation by medical imaging or nuclear medicine.  For instance, it has acquired a TEP-IRM for research and clinical purposes, which is unique in France.

The Institute Curie is one of the biggest European centers of cancerology, with three centers of excellence in the fight against cancer: The Hospital Hôpital de Paris, the Centre de Protonthérapie, and the Hospital Hôpital René-Huguenin. These are the cradles of radiotherapy, the Institute Curie remains a pioneer in conservative treatments and pain management. This is one of the rare centers in the world that offers a treatment by proton irradiations. It also has high precision radiotherapy treatment units, brachytherapy, imaging, oncoplastic, oncogenetics… and has a state-of-the-art clinic research facility.

The Mutualist Monstsouris Institute – The Mutualist Monstsouris Institute remains the regional center of excellence for pelvic surgeries in men (prostate, bladder…). The medical-surgical team takes care of screening, diagnosing, treating and monitoring urological cancers. This department possesses the greatest global experience in robotic surgery and laparoscopic treatment of urological cancer.  The unit, which is headed by Pr Guy Vallancien, is one of the rare units in the world which offers all possible treatments for urological tumors.  It collaborates closely with the teams of the institute Gustave-Roussy and the institute Curie.

The centers of excellence:

  • Institute Curie (CLCC),
  • The Mutualist Montsouris Institute
  • Gustave Roussy (CLCC),