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Gynecology – obstetrics

Care for women’s and their children’s well-being

The health of women throughout their lifetime is at the heart of France’s concerns. In the domain of gynecology – which concerns women of all ages, and the diseases in the female genital organs – the French establishments are equipped with consultation units, emergency gynecological services, ontological and medical gynecological surgical units.

In the domain of obstetrics, which concerns pregnant women and their to be born child, France possesses many state-of-the-art maternity hospitals all over the country.  These establishments have spaces for birth (delivery rooms, obstetrics-surgical block) and spaces for afterbirth care, obstetrics emergency services, high risk pregnancy services (GHR), ultrasound/functional investigation antenatal diagnosis and prenatal/fetal medicine diagnosis…  At the time of delivery, the neonatal and maternal resuscitation services are ready to treat any complications in the mothers and their child.

Moreover, in each French region, many establishments are authorized to run clinical or biological medical assistance activities for child birth (MPA)

The centers of excellence:

  • The Mutualist Montsouris Institute
  • The Hospital Group Paris Saint-Joseph,
  • The Hospital Necker Enfants Malades
  • The Hospital for Women Mère Enfant Centre Hospitalier Lyon Sud,
  • The Hospital Arnaud de Villeneuve – CHRU de Montpellier,