The state-of-the-art in medicine and technological innovations

The treatment of cardiovascular diseases is one of the domains which has progressed the most in medicine in the last few decades. Owing to the progress made by research and technologies, treatments are varied, efficient and have a much lower load for most of the cardiovascular diseases.

The cardiovascular treatments provided in France are globally recognized. From prevention to rehabilitation, the French UHCs provide treatments for all the stages of the disease, from new-born children to senior citizens. From congenital heart diseases to serious heart failures, from coronary diseases to aorta and peripheral blood vessels, from cardiac dysrhythmia to heart attacks, from heart valve replacements to heart transplants, all the diseases are diagnosed and treated using advanced and innovating techniques. Medical research in the clinical centers has facilitated the achievement of world premieres such as using artificial hearts and cardiac cell therapies.

In order to offer state-of-the-art medical treatments to their patients, the French establishments are equipped with ultra-modern technological facilities and the latest medical knowledge. They implement the best interventional cardiology techniques (intervention on coronary arteries under X-ray control, without any surgery), and develop various encouraging technological innovations for all cardiac diseases: the CARMAT artificial heart, the bioabsorbable stent, the cardiac pacemaker without probe…

Telecardiology is also being developed in France: remote echocardiographic assessment of the patient, remote surveillance of the implanted medical device (defibrillator) and particularly, the heart rate of the patient.

The centers of excellence:

  • The Hospital Group Paris Saint-Joseph,
  • The Mutualist Montsouris Institute
  • The European Hospital Georges Pompidou,
  • The Hospital Pitié Salpêtrière,
  • The Hospital Louis Pradel – Hospices Civils de Lyon,
  • Welfare Services Hospitals of Marseille,