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The Mutualist Montsouris Institute

About the hospital

The Mutualist Montsouris Institute is a renowned multidisciplinary establishment which provides medical-surgical treatments for heavy and complex diseases: cancer, cardiovascular, functional and chronic diseases.  The Hospital also has a renowned maternity ward and a psychiatry center for adolescents.  This heavy orientation, which is very similar to what the University Health Centers offer, is a remarkable distinction from what the other health establishments of the same size offer, and this is one of the main characteristics of IMM.

Since its creation, IMM has dedicated a lot of resources on research, technology and innovation: it is a forerunner on surgical robots, digestive laparoscopy, chest video surgery; it has a complete technical platform of high technicality, an experimental research laboratory (IMM research), a tumor bank, or a Clinical Research Department… The skills and motivation of the medical-surgical teams have made IMM recognized as one of the best French health establishments.

Additionally, the Mutualist Montsouris Institute and the Institute Curie have signed a partnership agreement to mutualize their medical activities and logistics in order to reinforce the treatments offered to the patients suffering from cancer. This partnership, which was designed for the benefit of the patients, aims at improving and creating branches of innovating care solutions: care solutions that include surgeries, radiotherapy and chemotherapy; access to the biology of tumors will be guaranteed.

Hotel services

  • Patient room
    The IMM has double and private rooms. If you would like a private room, you can make a request for it.

Each room has an attached toilet with a shower. Everything is planned for the comfort of the patients: each room is equipped with an adjustable bed by remote control, a bedside table, a television and WiFi access.

  • Meals and Menu
    The hotel and restoration services are entrusted to specialized service providers. The menus will be planned by nutritionists. They will be served to the patients by medical prescription to help them follow a particular diet.

If you have any specific diet preferences, we recommend informing your healthcare team as soon as you arrive.

  • Religion
    The Ministers of different Religious Communities can visit you if you would like. Please contact the health manager of your department for more information. He will be able to provide you the contact details and enable you to directly contact the concerned person.  Quiet spaces will also be made available to you in the establishment.
  • Accompanying person
    The city of Paris has a wide range of hotels of different categories close to the hospital.
  • Languages spoken
    English, French, Arabic
  • Interpreting
    The people who are not very comfortable with French can benefit from the assistance of an interpret in certain foreign languages. Please contact the healthcare personnel.
  • More details
    □ Private toilets
    □ Private shower
    □ WIFI
    □ TV
    □ Press


The hospital is organized in clinical and medical-technical departments, each under the responsibility of a head of department practitioner.   The clinical departments are themselves grouped into unions facilitating the provision of multidisciplinary treatments:

  • Digestive – Urology – Gynecology
  • Cardiology – Vascular – Thoracic
  • Orthopedics – Spine
  • Medicine – Oncology
  • Mother & Child (maternity ward, PMA, VTP center)
  • Psychiatry


The establishment possesses the certification from the French National Authority for Health.