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Paul Strauss Center


The Paul Strauss Center is a Center for the Fight Against Cancer in the Alsace region. A recognized private institution of collective interest, it is part of the UNICANCER group, which includes 20 cancer centers spread over the French territory. The Center pursues three missions in oncology: care, research and teaching.

The Paul Strauss Center brings together all the human, technical and logistical means to provide quality care to patients.

With highly qualified teams, a state-of-the-art equipment of technical platform, a thorough knowledge of the cancerous disease and an experience transmitted to several generations of doctors and caregivers, the institution strives to provide each patient with care diagnostic and therapeutic innovation in all stages of their disease.

Oncologists, surgeons, radiotherapists, radiologists, pathologists, biologists, pharmacists: Paul Strauss Center specialists pool their knowledge and skills to treat patients. They decide together, in the context of a multidisciplinary consultation meeting, about the best suited treatment to the patient. Then, they exchange information at regular meetings to inform patients. At their side, caregivers, hoteliers, technicians and administrative staff ensure the quality of care.


● Patient room
The center offers private rooms

● Meals and Menuµ
During your stay, a team of dietetics ensures the preparation of menus, meals, respect for food hygiene and is vigilant to the taste and presentation of dishes.

● Religion
The ministers of religion of different faith can visit you if you wish. You can submit your request to the health department team. They can give you the information you need to and they can also allow you to contact the person that you requested directly. Places for worship are also in the Hospital.

● Accompanying person
Depending on the possibilities of the service, a person may ask to stay with an inpatient.
The city of Strasbourg also has a wide range of hotels of all categories near the Paul Strauss Center.

● Spoken languages
English, French, Arabic

● Interpreting
The use of an interpreter is possible in certain foreign languages ​​for people who have difficulties or do not understand the French language. Please submit your request to the health department team.

● More details
□ Private toilets
□ Private Shower
□ Safe deposit box
□ TV
□ Press


The Paul Strauss Center treats all type of Cancers.


The establishment has the certification of the High Authority of Health.

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