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Strasbourg University Hospital


Centre Hospitalier Universitaire of Strasbourg  was classified in 2015 by the newspaper Le Point as 4th French center, among 1400 institutions, for the quality of the care treatment offered and the excellence of its level in clinical research and innovation.

Strasbourg University Hospital is recognized in the region for tits leading position in the initial or continuing training of health professionals in Alsace. The collaboration is exemplary between Strasbourg University Hospital and the University of Strasbourg. Each year Strasbourg University Hospital ais classified in the ranking of Shanghai (ranking lists of the best universities of medicine in the world.)

With its Institut Hospitalo Universitaire (IHU), specialized in minimally invasive surgery leaded by imagery, its 21 teams labeled (CNRS, INSERM, University of Strasbourg) and its partnership in 4 LabEx (Laboratories of Excellence), the researchers are in the center of interest of the CHU’s strategy. It contributes to the medical progress and it makes possible to carry out the most innovative projects for the benefit of the patient.

Strasbourg University Hospital has equipment at the forefront of medical and therapeutic innovation: PET-SCAN, 5 MRIs including one interventional MRI, 4 gamma cameras, 6 scanners, 4 video robots. The CHU Strasbourg offers expertise in all areas of medicine and surgery.

The CHU Strasbourg includes 12,232 professionals including 908 physicians and surgeons with a high level of qualification and experience.


● Patient room
The hospitals of Montpellier offer special rooms.

● Meals and Menu
During your stay, three standard meals are offered to you per day. A professional team of food and dietetic ensures the preparation of menus, meals by respecting food hygiene and they are vigilant to dishes’ taste and presentation.

● Religion
The ministers of religion of different faith can visit you if you need to. You can submit your request to the health department team. They can give you the information you need to and they can also allow you to contact the person that you requested directly. Places for worship are also in the hospital.

● Accompanying person
Depending on the possibilities of the service, one person may request to stay with the inpatient.
Parents and friends can have their meals with you if they wish, but they should request to the nurse’s team in advance, who will inform them of the terms and conditions.
For the accommodation of families and relatives, there are many hotels near of the hospitals.

● Spoken languages
English, French, Arabic

● Interpreting
You can ask for an interpreter which is possible in some foreign languages for people who have difficulties or do not understand the French language. You can submit your request to the health department team.

● More details
□ Private toilets
□ Private Shower
□ Safe deposit box
□ TV
□ Press


Assisted reproductive technology
Medical Biology
Heart surgery
Digestive and visceral surgery
General surgery
Oral and maxillofacial surgery
Eye surgery
Orthopedic surgery and traumatology
Pediatric surgery
Plastic and reconstructive surgery
Thoracic surgery
Vascular surgery
Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT)
Organ transplantation
Obstetrics and gynecology
Clinical hematology
Clinical Immunology
Rare diseases
Infectious, parasitic and tropical diseases
Internal Medicine
Nuclear medicine
Physical medicine and rehabilitation
Nutrition and Obesity
Otorhinolaryngology – ENT
Stomatology, dental surgery


The establishment has the certification of the High Authority of Health.
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