The Mutualist Montsouris Institute

About the hospital The Mutualist Montsouris Institute is a renowned multidisciplinary establishment which provides medical-surgical treatments for heavy and complex diseases: cancer, cardiovascular, functional and chronic diseases.  The Hospital also...

Marseille University Hospital

The Public Assistance - Hospitals of Marseille is the Marseille Public University Hospital of reference of the South-East region. With 4 hospitals, 3400 beds and 28 medical centers, AP-HM is the third university hospital in France. It is also the second French medical research center and the main learning center for students in the healthcare sector in connection with the University of the Mediterranean. Its establishments offer a whole range of specialties, from the local public health-care to the advanced treatments of complex and rare pathologies, for adults and children.

Strasbourg University Hospital

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire of Strasbourg was classified in 2015 by the newspaper Le Point as 4th French center, among 1400 institutions, for the quality of the care treatment offered and the excellence of its level in clinical research and innovation.

Montpellier University Hospital

The Center Montpellier University Hospital is the oldest faculty of the western world which still in activity.The history of Montpellier’s city has always been related to the history of its hospitals. Lapeyronie, Saint Eloi, Gui Chauliac, Arnaud de Villeneuve ... so many illustrious names, today the names of hospitals that resonate in the ears of Montpellier, as places of excellence medicine’s exercise.

Hospitalier Group Paris Saint Joseph

The Hospitalier Group Paris Saint Joseph includes Saint-Joseph Hospital, Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Hospital and Saint-Michel Hospital, along with the Institute for Nursing Education (IFSI).

Paul Strauss Center

The Paul Strauss Center is a Center for the Fight Against Cancer in the Alsace region. A recognized private institution of collective interest, it is part of the UNICANCER group, which includes 20 cancer centers spread over the French territory. The Center pursues three missions in oncology: care, research and teaching.