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What is French Healthcare?

French Healthcare is meant to promote internationally the French know-how in healthcare. It puts French healthcare professionals forward so that their international exposure and reputation meets their level of excellence.

French Healthcare was launched on March 15, 2017 by the French Government. It is the outcome of a gathering of health industry players that intend to promote the “Made in France” in healthcare. It is the only international label that applies to French healthcare professionals and the latter have to join the French Healthcare association and abide by its rules.

Why should companies with this label be trusted ?

  • To identify reliable intermediaries in France

For example, you are not a French national or a French resident and wish to access the French healthcare system; this label helps you identify reliable and reputable companies that will assist you.

  • To access the highest standards offered by the French healthcare system

The French Healthcare label helps you access quality medical care and treatments, offered by health professionals among the best.

SUDLIFE is the first player in its field to be granted the French Healthcare label.