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Hospitalier Group Paris Saint Joseph
Strasbourg University Hospital
Marseille University Hospital
Montpellier University Hospital
Paul Strauss Center
The Mutualist Montsouris Institute

M. GARBA (Niamey)

My 9 year old daughter underwent a surgery last month at Necker in Paris. Dr. Illo, President of doctors in Niger recommended me Sudlife to organise her hospitalisation in France and she was accompanied by my wife. We were particularly happy about the availability and competence of our medical coordinator at Sudlife. Living abroad, I want to particularly.... Read more

Mme QUENUM (Cotonou)

When the health problems of my husband begun, our insurance company accepted to cover his hospitalisation abroad under the condition that we managed to get a medical quote from a hospital. My older son, who was studying in Montpellier, found the Sudlife site after doing a search. Two weeks later, my husband was being hospitalised in Orleans... Read more


Without Sudlife, I would certainly not be alive today. I had a delicate heart surgery in the beginning of 2014 in Paris. My employer asked SudLife to organise my hospitalisation in France. Organisation, support, information… everything was perfect. I’m thankful to Sudlife and the entire medical personnel of the hospital... Read more

A.Mohammed (Caire)

My 65 year old father was hospitalised for prostate cancer. Our embassy in France recommended me to employ SudLife to organise our medical stay in France. After my first telephone exchange with an agent that spoke in Arabic, I was reassured. I wanted to stay with a family in the centre of the city, a car with a driver that spoke Arabic... Read more